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i don't know how to make up my mind.

but neither do you.

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aqua seafoam shame
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"then i asked myself why i was reading this drivel when i could have been memorizing "the brothers karamazov." not knowing any good answers, i turned the light out and went to sleep." -- raymond chandler, "the pencil"

"feel free to write us and shit. waiting for the mail is the highlight of our day." -- paul westerberg

i'm a girl. i am a librarian. i read a lot of books and consume a lot of pop culture. i am slightly misanthropic, but not in a mean and scary way. sometimes i post things for all the world to see, but mostly not. if you want to peek, just let me know. i am not immune to the joys of peeking.
a fan's notes, adrian tomine, adult swim, alfred hitchcock, alice munro, amy and david sedaris, anne sexton, aurora borealis, baseball, beer, belle and sebastian, bette davis, bettie page, big star, bill hicks, breece d'j pancake, buddy holly, bust, caffeine, canada, cat power, cereal, columbus, crossword puzzles, cultural studies, daniel clowes, david lynch, denis johnson, desk set, dictionaries, diners, displaced midwesterners, elliott smith, evelyn waugh, feminism, flannery o'connor, fletch, found magazine, franny and zooey, grey gardens, guinness, hal hartley, harriet the spy, hello kitty, hipster literature, indie rock, ira glass, ishtar, j.d. salinger, jack lemmon, japan, jerry orbach, jeunet et caro, jimmy stewart, johnny cash, jon stewart, katharine hepburn, kim deal, kim gordon, kitsch, knitting, kurt cobain, letters, libraries, library science, little nemo in slumberland, lomo, long distance, mail, mark ruffalo, mission of burma, murakami, nancy drew, neil gaiman, nelson algren, neutral milk hotel, nirvana, no depression, npr, odd numbers, ohio, pepsi, photgraphy, pocky, postcards, postmodernism, raymond carver, raymond chandler, readymade, richard russo, richard yates, ryan adams, sarah vowell, scrabble, seymour glass, short stories, sigur ros, simon and garfunkel, stars, suitcases, telling stories, the apartment, the conet project, the gilmore girls, the kinks, the midwest, the moon, the office, the replacements, the simpsons, the westing game, this american life, thisbe nissen, thrift stores, velvet underground, veronica mars, vincent d'onofrio, wes anderson, wong kar-wai, writing, yahtzee, yeah yeah yeahs, you am i, young adult literature

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