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it's not a meme, just a formatting urge

thing i need: to talk to a school librarian. can anyone put me in contact with one who would be willing to answer a few questions?
thing i have no interest in seeing and am already sick of hearing about: sex in the city, the movie
thing i am geekily excited about and counting the minutes until: national spelling bee finals on abc
thing i don't have: something to eat for dinner
thing i am not prepared for: the program i am supposed to do tomorrow
thing i am reading that i want to recommend to everyone already, even though i'm not even halfway through: little brother by cory doctorow
thing on tv this week that made me curse the screen: top chef (how the hell is lisa still around?)
thing on tv this week that made me happier than i should be willing to admit: the paper
thing i really ought to do but will probably fall asleep on the couch before i do: clean the kitchen
thing i drank too much of today: coffee
thing i am ridiculously annoyed by: people
... growing up/playing in gym class, was it called bombardment or dodge ball?
so, slow news day abc? well, at least you made me laugh.

other things that are awesome, in no particular order:
berries being in season
wandering aimlessly about the city and exploring new neighborhoods
y: the last man
sammy keyes mysteries
shiny hair
planning fun things for the summer reading program
outdoor seating
going to see my bloody valentine in september
digby (the ipod i bought with this year's tax rebate)

things that are not awesome, in no particular order:
crappy jobs (not mine, but i sympathize)
when your work schedule gets randomly changed and no one bothers to tell you
wet socks
the rapid accumulation of dirty dishes
the discontinuation of trader joe's essential shampoo and conditioner ($2 a pop, in the blue bottle)
so far today, i have spilled coffee (twice), ran into a file cabinet and knocked over a chair. and it is only 9:46 in the morning, which means i've only been at work for sixteen minutes.
and do i even have to mention the rainy commute here?
it seems today is, in fact, going to be one of these days.
man, i hope no one shows up for storytime.

an exercise in randomness

on the radio, they just started playing one of my favorite superchunk songs, which I don't think i've ever heard on the radio. because
there were no college radio stations accessible to me in my youth. oh, satellite radio, i do love thee.

anyway, I am taking it as a good sign for the day.  i feel chipper. it's not just the music though. the coffee and the fact that i don't have to work again until thursday helps too. work is okay - except for the a few, regular patrons who consistently make me stabby - and i actually got a wee bit of a raise, which is stellar. and yet. a little draining and humdrum. i need a spark, because right now i don't have it.

i do though have gerbils! two, who have been dubbed tweak and gertrude. it's rather novel to me, because i was never allowed to have them, or any rodentlike creature, when i was little. we were not pet people until i was in high school. what i really wanted was the guinea pig, because of it's epic cuteness, but starting small seemed the way to go.

the other day, j. baked me a cake. it is tasty.

how is it that i have never before known about the san serriffe hoax? i am boggled by the brilliance.
for a while now, i have been thinking of doing a "favorite things" post - sort of like oprah, but without the gifting and the self-righteousness. it's a nice little way to sum up the year that was, which is the sort of thing everyone likes to do round about now. in thinking about what should go on it, i realize that it necessarily skews towards the more recent, mostly because my memory is not so keen, despite crossword puzzles and the like. oh well.

30 rock - i probably should have loved it from the beginning, being the brainchild of perennial girl-crush tina fey. however, it took a while, perhaps because i have an inordinate reluctance to embrace all things baldwin. once I succumbed though, such pleasures it bestowed.

agatha christie - if you read the book post, you know all about this already.

asian horror movies - yes, the japanese ones get all the glory, what with that penchant hollywood had a few years ago for remaking them, but my netflix queue tells me that the korean ones are really where it's at.

the dewey divas and the dude - as mentioned a while ago, this blog by canadian publisher's reps was perhaps my favorite source of book recommendations, round the middle of the year and they are directly responsible for many reading delights. lately the popular kids have taken notice, so good for them. i loved you first though, so won't you consider marrying me and whisking me across the border? It has always been my not-so-secret desire to call the land of the maple leaf home.

feist - you know it's saying something when the ubiquitous playing of "1-2-3-4" on the ipod commercial doesn't make me hate the song. plus, she's canadian, i listened to her a lot whilst riding the train and she sparkles.

jezebel - i am not cool or snarky enough to comment, and i sort of want to hate anything to do with gawker, but i haunt it daily. and the newish feature on "books of our youth" makes me want to forget about the newly published and just read everything i loved before age twelve.

peanut butter - there is a girl who comes into the library almost every day after school. she has culinary aspirations and as such is always telling me about things she has made. often these things are baked, and i in turn mention things that I have made or baked. one day she observed, "i don't like peanut butter. you really do." this was following the conversation about pies we had at thanksgiving and it was sort of an epiphany moment, because i realized, "yes. i really, really do. however could i have forgotten?"

pie - yes, cupcakes continue to get all the glory (and they are tasty; especially red velvet ones from that bakery in forest hills), but really pie is where it's at. and entertainment weekly agrees, so you know it must be true.

pop candy - the blog on usa today makes me feel much more in-the-know than i actually am.

ricky gervais - i knew he was genius and funny, but i didn't realize how much so until the extras dvds came into my living room.

san francisco - i finally visited in the spring. it's as fantastic as i'd heard and i think i love it.

scrabulous - a gimme, seeing as how i talk about it all the time. but is truly an addiction. although i think maybe it's reached a tipping point and my play is suffering as a result. but still.

slings and arrows - you are brilliant! and canadian! and i heart every single person who starred in/wrote for/directed you!

moral of this blog (to steal from my beloved matthew): i should move to canada.
so, the last day of the year means time to post the list of books i read in '07. i just popped it up onto poor, neglected bibliofiend. i'm sure it's probably riddled with errors, as i typed it up at four o'clock this morning, when i was oh-so-tired but just couldn't get to sleep. i'll cut it, here, but past experience has taught me that people like a little summation, so ...

this was, without question, the year that agatha christie ruled. it was completely unintentional too. i picked up the first one because i didn't have anything with me to read at lunchtime, and after that i just couldn't stop. that lady was like crack. the other author who should get a lot of attention is mary wesley, whom i discovered via a post on the blog the dewey divas and the dude, which i was really in love with for a while. i still think it's aces, but they haven't been quite so posty. in any case, i read all the wesley's i could track down with ease. there's a few that i'm going to have to break down and buy, i think.

i sort of hate doing the favorite thing, but feel slightly compelled to anyway. thus, my favorite reads of the year (excluding christie and wesley), broken down slightly and then not really ordered:

childrens & y.a. books
the house of arden & the railway children by e. nesbit, the green glass sea by ellen klages, the goose girl & enna burning by shannon hale, cures for heartbreak by margo rabb, luxe by anna godbersen, hero by perry moore, wicked lovely by melissa marr, naomi and ely's no kiss list by rachel cohn and david levithan, diary of a wimpy kid by jeff kinney, the absolutely true diary of a part-time indian by sherman alexie and the adventures of captain underpants by dav pilkey
oh, and harry potter and the deathly hallows by j.k. rowling. how i forgot to put that here the first time around i am not sure.

y.a. books that won't be out until 2008, but which you should totally read and/or buy when they do
a little friendly advice by siobhan vivian and a curse as dark as gold by elizabeth c. bunce

grown-up books
the end of mr. y by scarlett thomas, on the naive but honourable self-determination of teenage girls by amber gayle, lullabies for little criminals by heather o'neil, the world of psmith by p.g. wodehouse, gaudy night and busman's holiday by dorothy l. sayers, restless by william boyd, travels with my aunt by graham greene, the moving toyshop by edmund crispin and bridge of sighs by richard russo (despite some major flaws)

laika and death note.
oh, and french milk!

and, even though i don't count picture books on this list, my favorite of the year was i'm the biggest thing in the ocean.

but enough about that. the proveribal list, in all its glory.Collapse )
happy '08, kids. i'm incredibly tired and loose with plans for tonight. frankly i'm not even sure if i'm going to make it to midnight. yes, this does indeed mean that i am old.

Dec. 17th, 2007

yay! my hulu invitation finally came. commence massive tv-on-the-computer watching now.

also, for the record:
* saturday was like the slowest day at the library ever
* the potato soup was awesome
* i am only working three days this week; one of those is already over and tomorrow i'll be in a meeting (a good one, i think) all morning
* peanut butter and jelly sandwiches don't get enough cred from the over-10 set
* my feet are a little smelly
* i want to go to the movies
saturday morning, before work.

i woke up at six-thirty, which is much earlier than i am accustomed to and i don't quite know what to do with myself. it doesn't take an hour and a half to get dressed and drink coffee.
i do not anticipate a lot of hot library action, although maybe i will be proven wrong.
storytimes are over until after the new year; can i get a "hey, ya" for that? i do like the kidlets, but too much action tends to wear on me. yesterday a father commented, "gee, you have a lot of patience" and i could only agree.

after work i am going to make potato soup, using a recipe my sister sent me. excitement city!
ohio on thursday. color me totally unprepared for holiday action, although i look forward to seeing the family and friends, as well as thrift shopping and eating non-new york food, like graeter's ice cream and chicken and noodles from nancy's. mostly about the latter, since i haven't had it in like three or four years and it is the epitome of goodness. yes, in fact i did time my flight for thursday intentionally, so that i could eat it.

yes, i do spend too much of my time here talking about food.

yes, probably enough time has passed for me to start getting dressed.

yes, i am way more excited than i care to admit about the fact that a new starbucks opened, within walking distance of my house. remember those distant days when i took pride in the fact that i had never been inside a starbucks? it's such a distant memory now.

yes, i am still-obsessed with agatha christie. i was thinking the other day about soon compiling the "books i read" list for 2007 and noting how very much the dame will dominate. but, sadly, i haven't been super-excited by a book in a while, and she fills the space.

yes, you should totally play scrabulous with me.

no, my winter cold will not just go away entirely and i am oh, so tired of it.

no, i do not particularly like my hair right now.


dammit. all the magazines i like fold.

screw you martha! i totally defended you during, well, everything - prison, the apprentice, snark upon snark. and now you think that the audience for blueprint and your stupid weddings magazine is essentially the same? a big whatever to you.

please, please, please people that make media, do not take venus away from me.

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