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Apr. 16th, 2011

wait, this is wrong. if i'm going to make a once-in-a-blue-moon post here tonight, it should at least have some substance, i think. the usual, state of life sort of thing. so let's see if i can do this right. i should probably turn out the lights, to make it much more authentic to the, posting late at night, in the dark in my room aesthetic, but i'm too lazy to go do so. oh, for a clapper! or not.

anyway, the big issues are still the same. after much, much debate and back-and-forth and soul-searching, we didn't end up moving anywhere when our lease expired this spring. it was probably as close as it's come - i hit up a lot of classified ads and even actually applied for a few jobs in faraway place - and not without some interest - but things got a little better and i found myself saying once more, a little wistfully, maybe next year. i still don't entirely love new york or my life here, but it is what it is. and i've been here far longer than i ever expected to be, so i guess i'm entrenched or something. i don't quite know what to make of that fact, so usually i just try not to think about it too much.

i guess you could probably say the same thing about the job. i like, i don't love it. i feel like i should be rarin' for some change, but i don't quite know what it would be. i don't want to be a manager. it comes up periodically and i'm certain that i could do it - i've definitely watched people who are less-qualified and, in some cases, downright bad play the role, but as much as i flirt with the idea, it's flirting because i feel like i should flirt with it, as opposed to flirting with it because it's something i actually want. more and more lately, i've been feeling far too identified with what i do for a living, and it seems like stepping up to a management position would increase that. and given the players involved, it just doesn't seem like it would be worth it. i do sometimes think that i'd like to seque into adult librarianship, because i'm burning out a little in the way that children's librarians often do. not every hour of every day, not even every day. but the instances of getting annoyed and frustrated are more common than i'd like them to be. and part of that is very specific - the specific place, with the specific people, in the specific economic and cultural environment. and since those things probably aren't going to change, then maybe my role should. but opportunities have been lacking. and i don't think that's just an excuse, but it could be.

what else? the boy is good. the same boy, the same good. we've weathered a lot. if we were different people, we'd be married and have babies. but we aren't and that's cool 98% of the time.

i still read gobs of books, although if i'm honest i'll admit that having instant netflix has significantly hampered the number that i get through in any given month. it's just so easy and so fun and i'm not too hip on a lot of publishing trends of the last little while. i did go over to the dark side and buy a kindle, although it hasn't gotten a significant amount of action yet. but that's probably because i haven't had to travel with it yet. i'm told that when that happens, it changes your life. we'll see.

on the watching tip, i've been really all about british mystery shows for the last little while. after not really paying attention to it for most of my life, i started noticing masterpiece mystery! which led to getting many of the earlier episodes of things like inspector lewis and foyle's war. in fact, just last weekend (because i mostly watch them on saturday nights, party girl that i am) i finished up the run of foyle's war. next i'm trying hamish macbeth, because some twitter acquaintances mentioned them, so maybe after i post this i'll see how that goes. unless i finish cleaning the apartment first.

i was also pretty obsessed with doctor who for a while. i might be again once the new season starts, although david tennant is still the doctor who of my heart.

musically, i've got nothing. i can't even remember the last artist or band that i got really excited about. i rarely go to shows. we have tickets to p.j. harvey this week and i don't even know if i'm going to feel like going.

but i go to concerts more frequently than i go to the movies, which is about as often as i post here. 


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